A Small Guide on Poker Online Rooms

In the Internet, there exist special game servers for playing poker. Those web resources are called “poker online rooms”. In top poker rooms, you can play all of the popular variations of poker – 7 cards stud poker, 5 cards poker, pai gow poker, texas holdem, Omaha, street flash, and so on. Moreover, on these servers you can play poker for free without any limitations and additional conditions.

Comprehensive information about top poker rooms is collected on special poker forums. At these web resources, you may look through gambling tutorials, articles about poker theory and poker mathematics, success stories of the top players, watch videos with interesting play moments, and share your experience with others.

As for legislative aspects, the situation is different in different countries, and it changes all the time. For example, in spring 2011, online gambling was forbidden on US territory, and the claims were made by FBI against European and USA poker rooms. Poker rooms were forced to stop serving users from USA, and this occurrence, which was called “the Black Friday”, asserted notable influence over the entire gambling sector. In France, Italy, and Spain, playing for money using international gambling services is forbidden. Players from those countries can only gamble in poker rooms for free, just for the play sake, as well as players from USA. As for other countries, nobody actually knows what will happen tomorrow, but the only thing all the players know exactly is that legal poker rooms will act according to the letter of the law in any case.