Characteristics of Different Poker Variations

It is considered that games similar to poker firstly appeared in 15th-16th century in Europe. First settlers at the territory of modern USA made poker games very popular in North America, and in 18th century French immigrants brought them back to Europe. Nowadays, there exist more than a hundred of widespread and well-known poker variations, and of course, each of them requires its own approach and strategy.

The common trait of all the modifications of poker is that the aim of the game is to collect the strongest combination of cards. The difference is in order of betting and making turns, along with a combination of cards which is considered to be the strongest. In some poker games, the players put their cards on a table and show them to each other. In other ones, a player hides his own cards from others before he has an advantageous combination. In poker games, players usually gamble for bank: a winner takes all the bets made by other players, or, if it is a casino-banked game, the prize is divided among players. Now it can be seen that poker rules in different variations are quite different too. As for gambling strategy, there are three basic techniques for all poker games: bluffing, check-raising, and slowplay. You can gain really good results by using all those strategies in a right way – just remember that not only number of wins, but primarily number of loses determine your success in gambling.